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Ohmega Electronics



Industrial power mangament and monitoring system

A Din rail mounted 12 channel power mangment and monitoring sytem that can monitor the voltage, current and power at 250V, 10A. The outputs can be controled from the LCD, external DC signals and a smart phone app.

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Bluetooth smart plug

Control any mains powered device using this device. It uses a HC-05 bluetooth module and an atmel ATTINY 85 microcontroller. The device can switch loads upto 13A at 240v AC.


Led matrix display

A message board made of 448 red LEDs that can display custom and pre-programed messages . The messages can be selected by a 5 button controller. The display is driven by a Atmega 2560.


Tesla coil

A tesla coil consisting of 750 windings of 0.2mm enameled copper wire wound around a 40mm diameter pipe with a large round top load. It is driven by a slayer exciter circuit.

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Security system

A security system that dectects motion using a PIR sensor and is only able to be armed and dissarmed using a 4x3 keypad. The system features a 4 digit seven segment to show the status of the unit and the passcode. The unit is run by a Atmega 8515 microcontroller.

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Music activated LED matrix

A 10x10 led matrix that will chage what LEDs are on dependent on the volume of the music inputed to the circuit the sensitivity of the display can be changed using potentiometers. The LEDs are driven using a LM3915 and the volume of the audio signal is amplified by LM358 op-amps.

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