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Robotic gripper

In this project I will show you how I made a robotic gripper that is controlled by a Arduino and is fully 3D printable. The project is based of the open source robotic arm that jjshortcut posted on instructables over 8 years ago you can check his project out here.


3D print


All the parts used are 3D printed I took the open source projects DXF file

and opened itin ink scape. I then separated all the individual parts and

deleted the ones I didn't need I then saved each part individually and

used a online SVG to STL converter. Once converted I set the height to

5mm for all the parts apart from themain grippersthat I set at a 10mm



I Then opened the STL files in Curan and saved it to theSD card and

printed all the parts.








Once all the parts were printed I then used a 3mm drill to enlarge

the holes in the parts as they were slightly under size. I then had

to file some of the slots to make all the parts fit together will.


I used M3 bolts and M3 nyloc nuts to attach the parts together.

I attached the servo to the 3D print using really small self tapping

screws. I then attached the 3D print to the end of the servo motor

also using small self tapping screws.


I also used double sided tape to stick some rubber belt to

the end of the gripper so that it has more grip when picking up things.



The controller


I decided to use a Arduino UNO to control the servo. The

circuit is very simple just connect the positive of the

servo to 5v and the negative to ground then the signal

wire to pin 9.


Once the servo is connected connect a potentiometer to

analogue pin 0 then once side of the potentiometer to

ground and the other side to 5v.


Then I uploaded the code by connecting the Arduino to

thecomputer and compiling then uploading it to the



Now that everything is connected and programmed when

you turn the potentiometer knob the gripper will open and

close. This gripper could be attached to a robot arm to

make it pick things up.







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